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"Too many people in this world are just existing, idling through each day in survival mode. They are anxious, nervous, and fearful of each new day. They have no anticipation or motivation in their life and have lost their sense of adventure. Therefore, they never reach their full potential nor have the opportunity to experience life with purpose and success."

what makes us different

We are different because we understand from research and experience that being successful in any area of a person's life, be it in fitness and nutrition, or in business, university education, parenting, etc., begins in the mind in how a person thinks. We can give you all the latest and greatest fitness plans and nutritional information, along with the best resources available for success, but without first helping you transform your negative, unhealthy thinking and attitudes to healthy and positive ones, you will probably continue to experience a lack of consistency and success in life, eventually winding up right back where you started-- discouraged and experiencing failure. Therefore, by means of "coaching," we offer you instruction, training, motivation, encouragement, and knowledge based on research, facts, and experience to help you create that proper healthy environment that will equip you to get fit mentally, leading you to experience success getting fit physically and spiritually as well.  

We not only provide you tools that target the external environment (outside the body), but we also give you the proper instructional training that targets the more important part of the equation--the internal environment (inside the body, your thinking and attitudes). In this way, we target both the physical and mental components of your body to help you be successful. Changing your thinking from negative "stinkin thinkin" (Zig Ziglar), to positive "no more excuses thinking" will help you develop proper attitudes and behaviors that will eventually lead to an environment that promotes success, allowing you to reach your full potential. If you want to change your life, you must first change the way you think!  

No More Excuses - get fit!  

The answer is yes, but it depends on you and just how badly you want it. Getting your body into shape and looking fit will not happen overnight and will require you to live a very disciplined life, daily, in your nutrition and exercise. The degree of how healthy and fit you want to become will be directly related to how much you are willing to change your current lifestyle of eating and fitness, and how much of a sacrifice you are willing to make. Obtaining a body like this requires lots of effort and perseverance, and doesn't come easily. For you to become successful in accomplishing this quest, you must first begin to change your thinking in how you view food and exercise. Possessing a positive and proper attitude in how you understand nutrition and exercise means that you see them as your friends, not your enemies. Once you begin to see these two factors in an encouraging and friendly way, then you will start to form positive attitudes that will lead to healthier eating habits and a consistent fitness routine thatbecome part of your life. Make the commitment today and start living a life you have always dreamed of.

No More Excuses - get fit!    

We create environments that change lives!

​​Why is Steve so passionate about nutrition and exercise?  Because he loves the element of challenge it brings,  and of course how it makes him feel and look. "This is my daily medicine that relieves any stress or anxiety that has built up throughout the day. It provides me an escape from my busy schedule. When I am 'in the zone' --exercising, my mind enters into a different world where I do not think about anything else. I concentrate on improving and raising the bar of my fitness level. Furthermore, I am motivated by the fact that I am responsible for caring for my body, which gives me the opportunity to live a better quality of life with lots of enthusiasm (mucho animo!) and excitement. Try it. It's worth the investment!" 

No Mas Excusas -Tenga animo!   (Spanish for No More Excuses - be encouraged!)

Our Mission

To equip people to create an environment that promotes success which allows them to be fit in their mind, body, and soul so that they can reach their full potential.

​​​​​​Want to get “high” and happy? Release your endorphins today!

Through exercise, your body releases endorphins (neurochemicals), which, based on studies, have been proven to help relieve stress, anxiety, pain, aid in delaying the aging process, enhance and boost the immune system against chronic diseases, help fight against cancer, and the best part, give you a natural high for several hours after you have performed it. 

So get exercising today so you can reap the many health benefits, and of course, the best part, so you can get high and feel happy. 

No More Excuses – get high today!

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What is the true meaning of "success"? There are many different meanings of this word. In the western world, the word success is most often associated with money, position, and materialism. Yes, you can be successful in those areas of your life, but that doesn't automatically define you as a successful person. We believe true success is living a well-balanced life, being successful in all areas of your life. For example, being successful in the area of health and fitness would be considered the "physical" area of your life, and being successful in the area of relationships with your spouse and kids would be the "family" area of your life.  Here are the areas each of us has in our lives: spiritual (religion), physical (health and wellness/fitness), family (relationships with our spouse, children), personal (personal growth, interests, hobbies), financial (personal finances), career (business, job), mental (state of well-being), and social (outside relationships). 

For example, when we look at a millionaire, our first thought is that he or she is successful without even taking into account the other areas of that person's life. It could be that while this person is experiencing success in the area of "career" -- business and finances, that he or she is struggling to find success in the other areas of his or her life like family relationships, health, or mental state. One may be successful in his or her career and finances, but as far as being labeled successful, how can that be if in the process of accumulating one's wealth, one loses his or her spouse, children, health, and happiness along the way due to spending long hours at a job or business? It’s sad to say, but this is fairly common in our world today. 

With this said, we want to encourage you to strive for genuine success, which is living a balanced life by being successful in each area of your life. Your health and relationships are far more valuable and important than money, position, and materialism. Therefore, we must rethink our goals, reprioritize our lives, and begin to make time for all areas of our lives, so we can experience real success, which brings a life of contentment, joy, and peace.  

No More Excuses - begin today!

No More Excuses -get fit!  

      we're here to help!

Tired of making excuses?

Stop procrastinating! The longer you wait, the further you drift away from the goal of transforming your unhealthy body with no energy, into a healthy body with drive and stamina.  Make the commitment today and begin to experience a new life, full of motivation and anticipation of each new day.  We will coach you along the way.

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our passion

We love to see people overcome obstacles and reach their goals and full potential in all areas of their lives.

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"Death Crawl Mania"

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what we offer

We offer instruction, training, motivation, encouragement, and knowledge based on research, facts, and experience, presented by means of coaching that targets all areas of a person's life -- mind, body, and soul. We empower people with the skills and tools they need to create an environment that positions them for success and produces results. No More Excuses - get fit!

Steve Flook, the creator of No More Excuses - get fit - LLC is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, and Life Coach who instructs clients in Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Weight-lifting, Athletic Competition, High-Intensity Circuit Training, and Nutrition. He creates fitness systems that educate, motivate, and instruct his clients in reaching their fitness goals and full potential. Recently he was the Athletic Director at an International School in South America where he coached teams in the areas of track and basketball. He also taught classes in fitness, nutrition, and weight-lifting.  He is a practitioner of weightlifting, running, plyometric training, calisthenics, Jujitsu, and high-intensity circuit training. Additionally, he was the creator and director of No More Excuses Institute where he taught, trained, and motivated nationals in how to live a balanced and successful life according to God's Word. He is an entrepreneur and is working on several creative innovations with one in the line of fitness.  

"The sky is not the limit with God; it's higher - let's go!"  

Once plagued by chronic fears, anxiety, and never dreaming of ever leaving his hometown, especially traveling in an airplane due to control issues, he now lives a new life of adventure where he has flown to thirteen different countries. He has lived with his wife and six children in three of those countries for the last thirteen years.  

"There’s a new life out there just waiting for you! Obtaining it will require faith, patience, and perseverance, but it will be worth it in the end."  No More Excuses– God is able! 

Steve's passion for helping and encouraging people to change their lives stems from his experiences of drastic changes that occurred in his life. He desires to lead others to a life of freedom and adventure so they too can have the opportunity to experience a life of success and reach their full potential.  This is his motivation for creating "No More Excuses - get fit.