Make exercise an EVENT! 

"​Are You Passionate About Fitness And Exercise"​

Are you passionate about fitness and exercise, or is it something that you only “like” to do? There is a difference between the two. How do you know if you consider yourself to be passionate about it, or just a person who “likes“ it? We’ll see in a second, but whatever category you end up in, it is still a positive one because the fact is, even if you only “like” fitness and exercise, chances are, you are trying to make it part of your weekly routine. With that said there is an advantage of being part of the “passionate” category over the “like” one. Answer this question: What thoughts come to your mind when you think about fitness, exercising, working out, or going to the gym? Thoughts of work, a burden, and something you just want to hurry up and finish for the day, or thoughts of something that’s fun and exciting that you can’t wait to get to and get started with so you can enjoy the benefits from it? 

Here is the difference--when you are passionate about something, you invest your whole being into it, body, mind, soul, and you hold nothing back. Furthermore, you do not think of it as a burden or work, but something that is an event that you enjoy. With this type of energy and emotion poured into your fitness regimen, there is no stopping you from igniting and reaching your full potential, and the sky’s the limit. Why? Because people who are passionate about what they do, whether it be fitness, business, sports, or even being a mom or dad, do not allow obstacles, difficulties, and circumstances to be used as excuses in preventing them from doing what they love. When you are passionate about something, it moves from being something that is added to your life and already busy schedule to becoming something that is part of your life, or in other words, it’s who you are. When it is part of your life, that changes everything. It’s the game changer because it’s programmed into your mind and your daily routine, just like getting dressed, eating, and taking a shower. It’s just what you do and how you function daily, no matter what circumstances arise. The thought of skipping or replacing your fitness event with something else does not enter your mind because it is not seen as an option. On the other hand, if it is only something that you “like” doing, many times when your schedule becomes overfilled, or you are tired or feel lazy, you make excuses in your mind for not doing it, and you skip it. 

So if you see yourself fitting more into the "like" category than the "passionate" one, we challenge you to make a change and get passionate about your fitness and exercise, and make it part of your life today! Why? Because it is extremely vital to your body's well-being and the effects of it will bring opportunities for you to improve your overall health (cardiorespiratory system), your mental state (less stress and more positive attitudes), and your physique (you will feel better about yourself and possess more confidence), which will result in you experiencing more success and a better quality of life. 

So the next time you wake up in the morning, and it is your fitness and exercise day, get passionate about it and make it an event. Because when it is an "event" you prepare and plan for it with anticipation and enthusiasm, and you do not allow anyone or anything to steal it away from you. 

No More Excuses – get passionate!