If you are looking for encouragement and excitement in your fitness, and like to do exercise with your friends, co-workers, or even with your family, then Group Fitness Circuit Training is for you! Call your friends, grab your exercise mat, and let's get excited together about fitness!  

Succeed in reaching your fitness goals! Whether you desire to improve your body’s physique, your overall heath, lose weight (reduce fat), increase your strength, gain more muscle (hypertrophy), or train for athletic competition, you have arrived at a company that makes your dreams a reality, No More Excuses –get fit, LLC.

Our goal is to help you create the proper fitness environment that positions you for success in reaching your goals. Our fitness system focuses on all aspects of a person’s being, mind, body, and soul, with most attention spent on fitness and nutrition. If you desire to reach success in your fitness goals and maintain longevity in your quest, then fitness must become part of your life, not just something added.  

We begin with a “getting to know you” questionnaire that allows us to get to know and understand our client’s background and daily routine. Next, we proceed with a health and medical questionnaire that includes a health and medical screening and history survey. Then, we learn more about our client through discussing their daily routines, nutritional habits, hobbies, activities, and likes and dislikes of past and present fitness programs. Finally, we use this information in helping you develop goals, SMART goals that will create a fitness environment that promotes success, and encourages you to reach your goals and full potential.

Form your own Fitness Group: If you are serious about fitness, and want to include your friends, co-workers, family, or just whoever, then form your own Fitness Group. You must include people who are serious and committed with no excuses.

Fitness Group Requirements/Schedule/Prices

Your group must have at least 3-members including yourself. Maximum members-6. (Note: If you are a company or corporation and desire fitness training for your employees (large groups), contact us for more information and prices.) Contact us!  or call 813-778-7714

You must choose people who are on the same level of fitness as you are. There are four levels: Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and extreme. Steve coaches all four levels. 

The group must perform at least 2 sessions per week for at least 6 weeks on a preset schedule with no changes. (6 to 12 weeks of training are available for groups)   

You must choose a one-hour block of time, two days a week. (Can do three sessions per week if desired.) 

Place: Group leader chooses a place that will remain the same throughout all the training weeks (sessions). Home, park, place at a business (where you work), are ideal. Large space or area. We come to you and train the group.


The group leader is responsible for payment. It is the group leader's responsibility to collect the money from the members of your group, not the trainer.

Prices: $100.00 per session. 2 sessions per week = $200.00. 6 weeks of group training $1,200.00; 8 weeks of group training $1,600.00; 10 weeks of group training 2,000.00; 12 weeks of group training 2,400.00. (Example for 6 weeks of training, 2 sessions per week with a group of six members: Each member would pay $200.00 each for the 6 weeks of training sessions.)   

One - half-hour consultation – includes Preliminary Health and Medical Questionnaire – No Charge

After free consultation, 50% of the full price of all the training weeks is due before initiating the first session. The client (group leader) will enter into an agreement with No More Excuses - get fit, LLC. Can make first payment at the site of the first training session before it begins. 

The Program/System: Two to Three - 1-Hour sessions per week until the system is finished. (Monday through Friday). Choose a 1 Hour Session (one hour block of time) between 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Choose an Hour that will be the same for all days, Monday through Friday. 

Note: If you suffer from any chronic medical disorder (diabetes, high-cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, etc. then you must obtain a written document of consent (Release) signed by your doctor to begin. If you suffer from any type of heart disease or have suffered a heart attack or stroke, we are not permitted to train you.   

Steve travels to the client's home, job, or specified park/place to train clients. (Must be within 20-mile radius)  

Prioritize your health/fitness: Choose a time (one-hour block), then reschedule all other appointments and responsibilities, work schedule, etc., around your fitness (exercise EVENT) time. If you are serious about obtaining a new life, then you must begin to change how you think and understand fitness and nutrition. Therefore, reprioritize your life, and make fitness part of your life, not just something added!      

Last payment due after completion of half (50%) of the scheduled sessions.

If you are interested in our service and live in the Tampa area, contact us today! 

If you are not in the Tampa area, no worries, our programs can be utilized via the internet, video calls and chats. Additionally, we provide personalized training videos according to your goals.  

Get excited and contact us today! Your new life is waiting on you! Dive in and let us help you obtain it! 

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Get EXCITED about exercise!

Group Fitness Circuit Training