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Are you tired of cruising through your day with no energy, motivation, or enthusiasm?
 Each day is a new day filled with opportunities to improve your health through proper nutrition and exercise, and your appearance by losing weight and strengthening muscles. So the question is: What are you doing about it today? 

Weight Loss
Resistance Training
Motivational Instruction

What Is A New Body Worth To You? 90 Day Transformation Program - Guaranteed Results Based On Following Every Instruction Given - Take the Quiz Below to Get Started!*  (On-Line Training)

*Restrictions do apply. A complete Health and Fitness Screening must be completed to determine if the client applying for the 90 Day Transformation Program qualifies. Not everyone who applies for the program qualifies. It is an intense 90 Days and requires a life change of the client.    

About Us
Stuck & Need Encouragement?

Our goal here at “No More Excuses – get fit” is to empower and energize
you to create the proper environment that promotes success so you can
stop making excuses and get fit” in your mind, body, and soul. How do
we do this? We help you to identify the obstacles in your life that prevent
you from reaching your goals and full potential, and we give you the
coaching and tools you need to overcome those obstacles so that you
can obtain your goals and experience a life of success.

The Best Combination for Getting Fit and Healthy is through practicing Proper Nutrition and Exercise. You have to practice Healthy Nutrition Daily!

If You're Serious About Dropping Weight, Getting Fit and Healthy, and Obtaining That New You, Then Check Out Our Newest Patented Fitness Apparatus...SWEATBOX! 


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