Fitness and Nutrition Begins in the Mind!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

If you want to experience more success than failure in making fitness and nutrition a "lifestyle", something that is part of your life, then you must begin to retrain your mind to think differently about them. How you interpret and understand them both will determine your percentage of success. Examples: Do you see food as a means to keep you alive and healthy or do you view it more as a pleasure, demanding that it always taste good, and that there is plenty for eating? And with exercise--do you see it as a "friend" (helpful tool/vehicle), a means that will enable you to live a longer life and experience a better quality of life, or do you see it more as an "enemy", another burdensome activity added to your already busy schedule?

Everything begins in the mind, therefore you must begin to train your mind to view fitness (exercise) and nutrition in a positive and meaningful way so that you can begin to form correct attitudes that will physically manifest themselves into healthy habits, thus becoming part of your life. Take The Fitness Quiz!


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